An Unusual Family - The Hammonds & Co - Vortrag in Englisch

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Kursnr. 22-02-001
Beginn Do., 29.09.2022, 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr
Dauer 1 Abend
Kursort Hersbruck, Stadthaus, Gästesaal
Gebühr 4,00 €
Teilnehmer 10 - 15


My parents, Albert and Kathleen Hammond, had three natural children plus fostering 40 other children from different countries around the world - Nigeria, Ghana, India, Germany and, of course, Britain, where we lived. Numbers around the dinner table varied from 7 to 15++ and skin colours from almost black to almost white. The ages at one time ranged from a few month to fourteen years old. We accepted each other as brothers and sisters sometimes getting into mischief together, at other times behaving like little angels. Life was interesting, seldom boring and often great fun although we could, of course, occasionally squabble or argue - but are there siblings anywhere who never disagree? I would love to tell you about or family life and show some of the photos taken over these years.
In Kooperation mit der Stadtbücherei Hersbruck. Mit Pause nach 45 Minuten zum Lüften

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